Everyone is currently affected by COVID19 – including us. Not only our ERASMUS trip to Dublin got cancelled but also school is closed for the following 3 weeks. We were all incredibly startled at first, however, it was instantly decided that the lessons would continue online.


On Monday morning teachers met immediately and online classes were created on the platform “Microsoft Teams”, where we are currently receiving assignments for each subject. Teachers upload different tasks, typically on the days on which we would have had the according lessons, to “keep us nice and busy” and in turn we have to hand in the finished homework within a specific period of time/deadline by mail. Overall, it is not that different from our normal school and homework schedule, however, I personally think that it takes a lot of self-discipline to not get too distracted at home.


Online classes definitely have some great advantages. The software not only allows us to get access to teaching materials and homework, but also gives us the opportunity to ask the teachers questions around the clock in group chats, individual chats or via video calls. Furthermore, we can freely structure our time and are theoretically able to do our homework in our pyjamas on our bed at any time we like. Moreover, I personally have the huge advantage that I do not have to drive two hours to school and back home every day. Overall, I can definitely say that our online classes provide a high level of flexibility for everyone and we are now able to continue with the curriculum and prepare for the upcoming exams.


Nevertheless, it also has some disadvantages. As I have already mentioned, it takes a lot of self-discipline to not get distracted or put the assignments off at home. In addition to that it can also be hard to not lose the overview.


In general, the teachers and we students are all doing our best to stay safe and handle this challenging situation together.

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