Dublin at night!
Dublin at night!

IFS student Jessica Bleich on her Dublin experience:

Saturday, March 23
On Saturday, we went to the Guinness Storehouse which was really interesting. We were excited to taste the famous beer but I would definitely mix it with another beverage the next time. Afterwards, we spent some time in city center. The night was supposed to be one of the highlights of our time in Dublin. However, young people in Dublin have a different idea of having a good time. Thus, I was more than disappointed when I had to pay 7 euros for a club I only spent 30 minutes in due to the terrible Latin American music… or maybe that's just not my cup of tea.

Sunday, March 24
I have always felt attracted to castles. Maybe that's just the consequence of being called “princess” by your parents your whole life. Therefore, you can imagine how I excited I was to go to Malahide Castle. We were incredibly lucky as we had been blessed with sunshine once again. Although we arrived 10 minutes late owing to some exceptional traffic jam, I enjoyed the rest of the tour through the house which the Talbot family had resided in.

Monday, March 25
Speaking of Talbot, Talbot Street is where my internship takes place. I am working at a law firm where I am gaining experience in the field of business administration. Everyone has been really kind and ready to help whenever I had a question or was confronted with a problem. Up to now, my tasks have included copying, filing, binding, numbering and sorting.
By the way, I love my trip to work as I get off the bus at Bachelor's Walk at the beautiful River Liffey and then walk about 8 minutes to the office. At the end of day, I am responsible for taking the post to the GPO. Thus, O'Connell Street is an integral part of my daily routine.


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