Seit gut zwei Wochen sind 14 unserer Schüler inzwischen in Dublin – und lernen so Land und Leute im Rahmen ihres dreiwöchigen Praktikums immer besser kennen. Mit folgenden Berichten unserer Schülerinnen Sandra Reiß und Sarah Fuß erhaltet ihr einen kleinen Einblick in die erste Woche:


WEDUB-Bericht Woche 1, Sandra Reiß:

And we've got another WEDUB report for you! Enjoy Sandra Reiß' account of her first few days in Dublin! :)

Wow! I just can‘t believe that our first week in Dublin is almost over! It went by unbelievably quickly! On Sunday we took the train from Schweinfurt at 11:18 and approached the airport in Frankfurt in time. The flight was short but pleasant and after our arrival we were directly picked up and brought to our host family by ADC College personnel. As we finally arrived at our future home for the next 20 days I couldn‘t wait to get in! A lovely, welcoming lady opened the door and walked us through the house. Meanwhile, we have settled in very well.

On Monday we went to town and had a tour guide showing us around Dublin and telling us the story about St. Patrick‘s Day. It took quite long and was very windy, so we headed straight home afterwards.

On Tuesday it was our first day at college. We had to leave the house early in the morning as it takes some time to get there by bus. On the spot, a nice, young teacher had been waiting for us. She introduced us right into the Irish culture and we talked a lot about work. In the afternoon lesson another teacher gave us some insider tips for the city and we went through our whole programme of this project. The atmosphere was pretty relaxed, and the college is furnished beautifully and cosy.

The next day we visited the Kilmainham Gaol after school. This is a prison and we were very fortunate that we got a tour. Thus, we were able to understand life there back then. How cruel it must have been!

The following day we had to travel to our different workplaces and I was very happy when I found out that Anika‘s and mine were only a five-minute walk apart. Then it was time for college where we were shown such a funny video titled “Never take an Irish person literally“. It gave us a closer look on the culture and language. Back home, it was dinner time. We had such a delicious Curry with vegetables and mango chutney.

Friday was the last day in college. We learnt more Irish slang which I really liked! Later we did some shopping and went to the oldest pub in the evening.

All in all, I have genuinely been enjoying this so far! I‘m glad that everything goes so well not only with my host family but also with my class mates. I think it‘s so great to be in a new country and do something completely different! So now I am very excited for next week when work starts.


Sarah Fuß, one of our students, on her first week in Dublin:

Sunday, March 17th
After a night of last-minute packing, our journey began on Sunday, March 17th. We left from the train station in Schweinfurt at 11am and had to switch trains in Würzburg. Just as we were getting onto our connecting train, there was a guy with a very familiar face standing on the platform. We all had to do a double take before we realized it was Herr Fleischmann. He brought us some warm pretzels and wished us safe travels. The train ride as well as the flight went over surprisingly well and before we could even process it, we were sitting in the taxi on our way to our host families in Dublin. Our host mom welcomed us and showed us to our rooms. She quickly explained the house rules to us and let us unpack before dinner.

Monday, March 18th
Since yesterday’s holiday fell on a Sunday, people in Ireland didn’t work today, which also meant that our classes at ADC College didn’t start until Tuesday. So instead, we got to sleep in a little bit before we met up with Frau Rogers at the General Post Office at 11:30. She gave us a short tour of the city before accompanying us to a cafe for a quick pit stop. At 2 o’clock we met up with our tour guide for an official tour of Dublin. He did a pretty good job, but it was very cold, so we were all glad when Frau Rogers asked him to keep things short.

Tuesday, March 19th
Today was our first day at ADC and in typical Irish fashion it started 30 minutes late. Our teacher, Patricia, was very nice and taught us plenty of Irish slang on the first day. In the afternoon, Janine, our Country Manager, gave us a presentation about the most import things we should know for our three weeks in Dublin.

Wednesday, March 20th
Classes ended at 12:30 today. Afterwards we had a few hours to check out some of the local stores before meeting up with everyone at Kilmainham Jail at 3:30. We got an hour-long tour with a guide who did an excellent job! He was a very good storyteller and made us all pretty emotional with the rather sad history of the jail.

Thursday, March 21st
I made use of the free morning and took the bus to the office where I’ll be working. The ride there was no problem at all, finding the entrance of the building, however, certainly was! But I finally did find the door and after snapping a picture as proof that I was there, I made it back to ADC College just in time for today’s afternoon class.

Friday, March 22nd
Today was our last day at ADC. It was bittersweet, because on the one hand our teacher was really nice, but on the other hand there was really not much she could teach us, since business vocabulary and such is what we deal with in school every day.




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